Dear Michael…

I wanted to write my first letter about someone who I am really passionate about and have a lot to say. I write miscellaneous notes and letters to my wonderful boyfriend, Michael, for every occasion and even no occasion at all. I figured I was up for the challenge to try to find the right words to say that I haven’t already said before but you can never tell someone you love them too many times, right?

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Dear Michael,

They say the best relationships happen unexpectedly, and I truly believe that’s what happened. Of the 20 years that I have lived, the year that you became part of my life is by far the best one yet. And it makes me look forward to future years we will get to spend together. Looking back at where we first started, a lot has happened. We have been through so many ups and the occasional down, but I know it has made us into the people we are today. As much as I’ve said it before, I can say with every ounce of my body that you are my rock and my whole support system. You have seen me at my worst, yet always seem to bring out the best qualities in me. It’s cliche to say…but I wouldn’t be who I am today without you. You are my ride or die… literally my ride at the moment since I’m struggling without a car.

Unexpectedly, you came into my life at just the right time. When we first met, I was going through a time of confusion and frustration that left me feeling very alone at the end of the day. At the time, I was in an abusive relationship that didn’t really make sense at all. I was living in a black and white world that always seemed tense and uneasy. But you instilled the confidence I had lost, and turned my hues of gray into an endless palette of colors.

Our first conversation wasn’t much, but I do remember how it happened and how I felt. You gave me my second interview for Shane’s Ribshack, and my first thought was “wow, this man has really pretty eyes.” Making eye contact for me is difficult because I never know if I’m looking too hard or whether or not I’m going to start laughing for no reason. But looking at yours was easy. When I went home after the interview, I kept trying to figure out exactly how to describe the color. It’s like a caramel brown in natural light, but when the sun hits them just right they turn into blend of greens and grays that you really won’t find anywhere else. Answering questions during an interview always makes me nervous and I end up slurring my words and rambling on about something that doesn’t even relate to the question. But this interview was different because I found that I was able to answer the questions without any effort. And at that moment, I knew something was different.

What I consider our first date will be a night I won’t forget. A group of friends and I were planning on going to a club called “La Rumba,” and I had made it an open invite hoping you would tag along. I can’t describe to you how nervous I felt when you asked me to meet you for dinner before we went out, but I’m so glad I agreed. That night I learned a lot about you. I learned that you didn’t eat meat, that you look really good in black, and that you are the ultimate definition of a gentleman.

Since then you’ve given me nothing but unconditional love and I admire the big heart that you have. Thank you for always choosing me and loving me even when I make it difficult for you. I can’t explain why I am the way I am, but you somehow manage to love me anyways. You are an incredible human being, and I am so lucky I get to experience life with someone like you. It takes two people willing to compromise through thick and thin to achieve the best parts of a relationship.

I know there have been times where it seemed like giving up and walking away would be the only way to clean up the mess I made. And I want you to know that I will continue to make sure you know that I love you with every sunrise and sunset. I can’t imagine my life without you, and I can’t thank you enough for not giving up and not walking away. Thank you for hearing me out and sticking around to work things out whenever times get tough. I am forever grateful.





If there is anything I’m proud of what I do, I am most proud to be one of the women in your life. I am blessed that you’re willing to share your son with me and I can confidently say that I love you and son with every ounce of my heart. Although I didn’t give your son the gift of life, I will make sure his life will be the best life he will ever live. And in the same way, I will make sure the rest of your life will be one you can happily look back on when we’re gray and old.

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You’re my OG. You understand me in ways no one else can. You’re my favorite everything. My favorite person. My favorite smell. My favorite laugh. And every moment with you becomes a new favorite memory that I’ll cherish forever. XOXO


Yo Fine Ass Lady

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