“What I Learned in Boating School is…..”

With May and June coming up, exciting events such as prom and graduation are just around the corner. As a high school senior those are the two things everyone looks forward to in hopes to cure senioritis. (Senioritis- a self diagnosed illness that causes a decreased motivation towards studies by students who are nearing the end of high school). It’s all fun and games until somebody forgets an application deadline!

College…*cues suspenseful music*

Going from the top of the food chain straight back to being the underdog is scary. It also comes with a thousand of the same questions that almost everyone is wondering. I have a not so little sister who will be starting a new adventure this coming fall, so I had her and her friends come up with a few questions.

-Do I have to join a sorority or play a sport to have friends? Generally speaking, I think everyone is wondering how on earth they’re going to make new friends in some unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces. No, you do not have to join a sorority or play a sport to have friends. I played soccer my first two years in college and being on a team made my first college experiences much easier. I had a group of girls always supporting me. But I wasn’t always close with them, I had to go through meeting each and everyone one of them and get to know them individually. Meeting people for the first time can be nerve racking. You’re going to worry whether or not the other person likes you. And you’re hoping your first impression reels them in. But don’t be afraid!They don’t know you and you don’t know them. So neither one of you can judge the other. Plus, you both are probably worried about the same things. The more comfortable you are with just being yourself, the easier it will be making new friends. College campuses offer various activities that everyone can enjoy. I encourage everyone to attend at least a couple. You might even find something that you and your new buddy enjoy doing together!

-What if I don’t like my roommate or what if they don’t like me? Finding the “perfect” roommate doesn’t have to be a challenge. You’re going to have questions like “Are they messy?” “What if we don’t like the same things?” “Do they snore?” Usually colleges offer a roommate questionnaire so they can pair people with common interests. Also, roommates are often assigned in advanced so you can always reach out to them via social media and get to know them before meeting them in person! Going into my freshman year I wasn’t familiar with anyone or anything. Luckily, the odds were in my favor and I had girls reach out to me! They were all older so that made me even more nervous when it came to meeting them. But because we all got to know each other a little better through text, meeting them was like meeting up with friends I had known forever. I was like their little sister, and they had my back just like I had theirs. We still keep in touch today!


Return of the roomies:)


-What if I get homesick? The best homesick advice I can give is to keep yourself busy that way you’re not always thinking about home. Find somewhere you like to study and keep your mind occupied. Or you can join clubs to expand your friend circle as well as getting familiarized with campus so it feels more like home. If you’re staying on campus, you have endless possibilities to decorate your dorm. You can always bring stuff from home to make your new room feel comfy, or you can redesign your space into something new! But don’t forget that home is only a text or call away!

-How do I keep in touch with my old friends? Don’t live in fear that your old friends wont remember you. You will always be a part of their life just as they will be a part of yours. You can always FaceTime and text them. And you can always meet up on a free weekend too. Both you and your friends are going to be experiencing all kinds of new things and you both will be making new friends. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You can even invite old friends and new friends to hang out together!

Hopefully my advice and experiences help you find your niche on your new adventure. Don’t be sad that your high school years are ending, but be excited that your new adult life is just beginning. If you have other questions, comment down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! And share this with your friends!

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