Shakespeare says…

Growing up I’ve always had trouble with self confidence. Because I’m so small I’ve had difficulties standing up for myself as well as making myself noticed. I’ve always felt like I’m supposed to be part of something big and important, but being self-conscious and sensitive makes it harder for me to step out of my comfort zone. When I was 16, I came across a quote from Shakespeare that stuck with me:

“Though she be but little she is fierce.” -Shakespeare

When I read this quote, it lit something inside of me. It has inspired me to take the chance and step out of my comfort zone. It reminds me that even though I’m small, I too can do big things! It’s my favorite quote and it has been my motivation ever since. I’ve struggled with confidence and I still do today. But I often think of this quote to refuel my confidence. This quote means a lot to me because it reminds me to not live in fear and just get s*** done. My dad always said “you can do anything you put your mind to.” And he is so right! This quote lets me climb the tallest mountains and makes any challenge possible to overcome.

Being 5’2″ I’ve been looked down upon and pushed around. I’ve had to learn to develop the Napoleon complex to harden my exterior. I care what people think..maybe way too much… So I am always worried whether or not people like me. But this quote reminds me not to care what other people think. It instill confidence in me that outside forces can’t. It tells me that I can do anything I want to, I just have to put myself out there and make sure it gets done.

So here’s something to think about, what’s your favorite quote and why? What motivates you to get your ish done? 🙂

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