Hello…It’s me…

I don’t know what’s worse… physically being alone or the feeling of being alone…


Have you ever had the feeling loneliness even though you’re surrounded by a group of people? Do you ever get that heavy overwhelming feeling when you’re by yourself?

Me too.

Something that I really struggle with is the fact that I can’t stand being alone. Physically and mentally. I could be hanging out with a group of friends and still feel like everyone is looking at me like I’m the new kid. I get that feeling like I’m on the outside when everyone else is on the same page. The feeling sits so deep that it ignites anxiety. It dawns on me even heavier when I’m physically alone… somewhere…anywhere by myself.

When I’m alone I start to think about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Thoughts vary from great to good to bad to worse. Sometimes the worst place to be is in your own head. One minute I could be reflecting on all the great things going on in my life and then the next second a switch flips in my brain and all of a sudden I’m stressing over whether or not people would be upset if I disappeared.

Each of us experience our own sense of loneliness. It’s a feeling hard to explain for people to understand. But I know for a fact that I wouldn’t want anyone to feel unloved or lonely. I do my best to make sure the people in my life know that they’re thought of whether they be friends, family, or strangers just passing through.

The purpose of this post was not only to see how many people can relate to a spur of the moment feeling of loneliness or even a constant feeling of loneliness but also to have a place where people can share their thoughts and feelings so they know that:


One thought on “Hello…It’s me…

  1. Angela says:

    You are definitely not the only one experience this feeling. I hear a lot of people expressing the same ideas although you have a very thought provoking way of expressing it. I think that today’s society with all the individual focus on social media has a part in this, people are so much more disconnect and there is not much feeling of community anymore. This causes feelings of isolation. It not easy, I’ve struggled myself, but I feel it’s important to interact and become involved. Activity participating instead of passively watching life and events can help counteract to a certain extent. Human beings we designed to be social on a face to face level and we rob ourselves of that experience when we focus our attention on social media.


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