To My Honey [Part 2]

***SAP ALERT*** 1 year=12 months=52 weeks=365 days=8760 hours=525600 minutes May 23, 2018 marks our one year. Sometimes a year can feel like forever, but if you spend it with just the right person it can feel like 2 seconds that you want to turn into forever. A years time can bring you happy tears, sad … Continue reading To My Honey [Part 2]

Being Sensitive Is No Burden

I used to think being sensitive was a bad thing. And that showing all my emotions was a sign of weakness. But if you take that one trait away, you take away the element that makes me who I am. Being sensitive doesn't have to be tied with a negative connotation. Being sensitive just means … Continue reading Being Sensitive Is No Burden

Vision Board

In life, it's natural for the mind and body to always want the next best thing... for example, the better beach bod or a bigger and better house...etc. You get the point. If you feel like your life is at a constant stand still then do something about it! Change what you don't like. The … Continue reading Vision Board