April Favorites|2018

My April favorites list isn’t too long, but I thought I’d share a few items that I picked up over the course of this month that I absolutely loveeeee!

My favorite chapstick has always been EOS, my favorite flavor has always been the mint. But this month I cracked open a new one that I haven’t tried and I think it’s my new favorite or a close second behind the mint. EOS (sparkling ginger).


I’m all for moisturizing and whatnot. My hands are always dry and I do tend to get ashy elbows here and there. I normally go for a Bath & Body Works lotion or cream but I received a lotion as a present early April and I was half way done with the tube within the first couple weeks! I’m at a point where I’m salvaging the end bits now… Addison & Gates coconut hibiscus hand cream. I love coconut anything so this cream definitely made my favorites list. They did a really good job on the packaging and the quality of the product. 10/10 would recommend.



I made my first big girl purchase… I got a SMART FORTWO PASSION and I loveeeee it. I call it the Lilomobile (my friends call me Lilo, and that’s my favorite movie of all time…) I was kind of nervous at first because i mean it’s practically a golf cart and I was definitely skeptical about my survival on the road. But when it got delivered to me I fell in love!! I purchased it through Caravana.com So if any of you guys are in the market for a new car, I can get you $500 off your purchase! Just let me know and I can get you the codes!


Michael and I’s one year anniversary is coming up and he totally surprised me with a Coach Purse and Wallet! I absolutely love it! What more do I need to say?


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