Vision Board

In life, it’s natural for the mind and body to always want the next best thing… for example, the better beach bod or a bigger and better house…etc. You get the point. If you feel like your life is at a constant stand still then do something about it! Change what you don’t like. The first step would be to take a step. Set up a list of goals you’d like to accomplish and give those goals a deadline.

I was talking with a very close family friend about getting my ducks in a row and what I wanted to accomplish over the next couple of years. She mentioned starting a vision board, and it immediately brought me back to one I made when I was around 10 with the big ballgown wedding dress (every little girl’s dream), and the giant house, and the unrealistically expensive cars… and so on. So I figured why not start a new one with relevant dreams I have for myself now!

A vision board is kind of like a list of goals… but in picture form. A vision board is a useful tool to help one narrow down desires through power of choice. It lets you visualize your future and is a constant reminder of one’s life goals! Of course, I’ll have an actual one hanging up somewhere but here’s some motivation for you all to start one whether it be virtually or physically! Enjoy! 🙂


As of right now I am completing my prerequisites to study Pharmacy. I’ve been a pharmacy technician for almost a year hoping to use this experience to get my foot in the door. It’s my goal to complete pharmacy school ASAP… We all know the “I’M GOING TO BE IN SCHOOL FOREVER” feeling…!


Continuing my previous goal, I would like to become a pharmacist within a hospital or healthcare position after graduating and obtaining my degree. I’ve always enjoyed helping people growing up, so I figured somewhere in the medical field would suit me best. Even though I am allergic to pretty much anything… you name it… I’ve found my strong suit in my sciences and maths… *insert Asian joke here*


Who doesn’t dream of living in a castle like this? Going back to my 10 year old self, I want to live a nice house, period. I’ve always had a vision of my dream house with my custom floor plans and choosing every bit of furniture right down to the screws in the door knobs. So after I get a stable pharmacy job, I’d love to start building a home.


Another 10 year old dream that’s still a screaming reality is my AUDI R8 V10 PLUS. It definitely doesn’t compare to my SmartCar… but It’s going to happen. I swear. Nuff said.


What girl doesn’t have the perfect romantic wedding on her list? Do I even need to say more? I’ve always dreamt of having the perfect wedding. And ever since I met Michael I can only ever think of what the perfect wedding would be. He’s done so much for me, and is a man of his word. So when the night comes I know it’ll be perfect… if he can tolerate me that long! lol…

Some of you might be wondering why there’s a picture of baby potatoes… well I’ve always been referenced as a potato soooo I’ve always pictured my little ones as spuds.. weird…? But anyyyways, of course having my own babies is somewhere on the list. How many? Time will only tell.

DOG. Five black pug puppies (6 weeks old)

Also referring to my 10 year old dream that is still a dream to this very day is owning every puppy known to man. I mean if I’m going to live in a castle might as well fill it with puppies am I right?


So there you have it! A brief version of my vision board! I encourage you guys to start one of your own to see what you come up with! Happy goal setting!

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