Life Update..If that’s what you wanna call it…

So I’ve been a little out of it and for that I apologize. I’ve just been so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, which isn’t an excuse I suppose. But the past month or two has just been… chaotic…emotional…a little bit of everything.

I don’t want this post to seem like I’m seeking attention so if at any point during this post you become disinterested feel free to stop reading.. I decided to make write this post because I feel like my struggle is something relatable and almost too common nowadays.

Sometime around April I found out that my parents are getting a DIVORCE…


When it was first brought up I kinda shrugged it off and thought “I saw this coming… They’ve talked about it before…blah blah blah” and as time passes by and things get a little more complicated it hits me. What I know as mom & dad is now: mom. and dad. It’s crazy because you think they’ll be together forever…  right??

I didn’t think something like this would affect me as much being that I don’t live in the house anymore and I’m trying to just be the good big sister and help my sister out while she’s still there amongst it all. But she seems to be taking it better than I am… I keep telling myself it’s nothing I can change because the way they feel is the way they feel.. and of course none of it can be my sister nor my fault… But part of me keeps thinking there’s something I could’ve done or still can do even though I know there’s not.

And among all this time I’m figuring out what being an adult is like.. and it’s hard doing it on your own… My parents have enough to worry about and I don’t want to add anymore stress and craziness to what’s already there…

But it’s as if as soon as this news hit everything just kind of spiraled downward… My summer classes became a little harder…hours at my job have become a little longer…patients seems to be more angrier… bills seem to creep up faster….money is a little tighter…and time just flies on by…

It’s all kind of difficult to explain… I feel all the emotions… And I hear often that I have such an spunky and driven personality and people often ask me how I stay smiling… Sometimes it’s just easier to smile than to explain what’s wrong, you know? I don’t want anyone to feel down or upset and I would never try to bring anyone else down with me. So the best thing is to just smile I guess…

soo… this is where I’m kinda stuck… feeling all the emotions and whatnot… And I know that there are plenty of other people in the world who have it worse than I, but you can’t help it sometimes to just be in your feelings, am I right??

3 thoughts on “Life Update..If that’s what you wanna call it…

  1. Angela says:

    Sorry to hear that life is a bit more challenging for you at the moment. As an adult, things do seem to pile up at all at the same time and give that claustrophobic feeling. I can relate. Becoming an adult isn’t as easy as we thought when we were teenagers and In fact, most adults wish they could go back and be kids again without all the responsibility. And I think it’s harder to see your folks spilt up when you’re an adult. You count on “home” being that security net to be there for comfort and security when the world presses in. Hang in there!!! Take a breath and cut yourself some slack. Do something for yourself even if it’s not much; have your nails done or even just a new color of polish you’re been eyeing.

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  2. personalgrowthsuccessblog says:

    Awwh! I hate to hear that. My parents got divorced when I was 11 years old and honestly that was probably the best thing that could have ever done or else one of them probably would have really ended up killing each other. That was hard to deal with at a young age. Now here I am grown and married and my husband’s parents just got a divorce last year and it still kinda bothers him in a big way. So prayers for you during this time. On the otherhand, I’ve missed you!! I too had taken a big break from blogging but as of yesterday.. I’m back and it feels good !! xoxo!

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